Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sweet... Nourishing... Espresso...

It's like the nectar of the gods.  I'm not sure what beans they have in the grinder right now (the company I work for sells machines, not coffee) but they're always high quality.  The machine is a top of the line 3 group La San Marco in pristine condition.  Like driving a sports car or something.  I have to admit I'm still a La Marzocco fan, but San Marco is winning me over.  

Pulling shots on this thing was so nice.

And they taste soooooo gooooooood.

I am soooo sleepy.  Coffee... nay, good coffee... is just the right thing!

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Kristin Wenzel is the graphics and web designer for Information Society. She is a former barista and lifetime coffee/espresso enthusiast, and a recent convert to the ways of tea. She has found her home in San Francisco, CA.

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