Saturday, November 12, 2005

Café Carmelita

On the way home from the club tonight I had a craving for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, there was nowhere in the area that was serving a decent cup of java at 2:00am, so when I dropped in to QFC to pick up some groceries, I checked out their coffee aisle. I wasn’t too very disappointed, they had a wide selection of whole-bean coffees by several roasters, but in lieu of Millstone or Seattle’s Best, I noticed they had coffee from Tony’s Coffee, in Bellingham. After perusing the selection, I chose to go with Tony’s Café Carmelita.

Café Carmelita

Incredibly smooth with sweet cocoa and caramel notes. Heavy syrupy body.

I ground the whole beans on “coarse” to use in my Brazil 8 cup french press by Bodum, and as I type it’s brewing. Without having tasted it, it has a VERY nice aroma, rich and very warm, almost spicy. The timer just went off, so I’m off to pour a cup.

It’s tangy, and flavorful. Very fulfilling, rich, and has a great character to it. I don’t know that I’d describe it as “caramelly” since it’s not richly sweet, in the way I associate with caramel, but it IS delicious, even without sugar and milk (the way I prefer my coffee). Not many coffees I find can be drunk as-is, but Tony’s Café Caramelita can definately hold it’s own. Very tasty, great for after dinner, I think. It also comes in water process decaf, which I can’t review since I don’t drink decaf coffee.

I think this coffee would be fantastic with a little bit of cream and a shortbread cookie.

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