Thursday, October 06, 2005


Self Introduction

From my biography:

Kristin Wenzel, former barista and lifetime coffee enthusiast, explores the city of Seattle in search of good coffee and great presentation. Of course, a girl has to eat, so maybe she will return to the barista world once again, kickin' out the mad cappuccino like WHOA!

Hello, everyone! I'm Kristin. I'm a pretty seasoned barista, having worked in the coffee business on and off for about six years now. My most recent experience was very specialized at The Black Drop up in Bellingham, WA. Teri and Alexarc, the owners, are wonderful, awesome people who really helped me learn a lot about coffee and the "inside" coffee business - I even participated in training for the US Barista Championship. I would love to get into it again and wish I could find a place that I could just MAKE coffee without even having to work... Hell, I should save up and buy my own espresso machine.

I also hang out over on the CoffeeGeek message boards, on occasion, and Specialty Coffee Association of America's messageboards too. Other than that, I just started up this blog and am thrilled with how it's turned out. I also read and write for GearLive about mac stuff and new tech toys. I really enjoy photography and I'm looking for a new nice digital video camcorder so i can take videos of everything I ever do ;)

The Job Front

I interviewed recently for a position doing wholesale customer service for Caffe Umbria Coffee Roasters, and I would be so delighted to be back in the coffee business even if I'm doing customer support and tech support. I'd be the point of contact with all their wholesale customers, calling each of them once a week to check up on their needs and status, as well as answering the phone, doing general office stuff, and other stuff like that.

Additionally, and this is the really exciting part, I might be able to go into barista/staff training. Umbria often wholesales to customers who want their staff trained, and of course Umbria doesn't want their product to be used badly so they want the staff at places using their coffee to be well trained, and the owners (it's a small business, but their coffee is great) just don't have the time to do it anymore. I would be thrilled to get to do that. So cross your fingers for me!

Well, a load is off my shoulders, we were just approved for the apartment we applied for. We still have a few others to check out so it's not final but at least we know we have SOMEWHERE to go! Yay!

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Kristin Wenzel is the graphics and web designer for Information Society. She is a former barista and lifetime coffee/espresso enthusiast, and a recent convert to the ways of tea. She has found her home in San Francisco, CA.

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