Friday, October 14, 2005

Seattle's Best?

I don’t know about best, but I stopped at Seattle’s Best Coffee at Westlake Center for a quick post house-hunting pick-me-up. My poison of choice was a 16 ounce triple mocha. I was delightfully surprised that it didn’t suck – I admit, when I go to SBC I usually get hot cocoa or a mocha for one reason – I love the miniature bar of semi-sweet chocolate that they give you with the drink.

This time, the drink was better than average, not too overpowering (even with three shots), but a good balance of “chocolate” and “coffee.” I’d have preferred it a little bit stronger on the coffee side, but I suspect that the deficiency was in part due to their beans, not the shots themselves. The barista was friendly and seemed competent, complimented my coffee bean necklace (a coffee bean made of silver suspended from a silver chain), and pulled shots that ran the right amount of time and didn’t seem over- or under-extracted. There wasn’t too much whipped cream, either, which is a pet peeve of mine on mochas – I don’t want to have to ask for “light whip” to get just a “topping” instead of a “mountain” of whipped cream.

All in all, it may not have been five star but it was a pleasant drink for the walk home from Westlake Center in the cold, holding hands with my boyfriend and explaining the difference between a mocha, cappuccino and latté, since he doesn’t drink coffee. I enjoyed my mocha and my chocolate stick.

However, the house hunt still continues, blast it, and we only have two weeks left! ARUGH!

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Kristin Wenzel is the graphics and web designer for Information Society. She is a former barista and lifetime coffee/espresso enthusiast, and a recent convert to the ways of tea. She has found her home in San Francisco, CA.

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